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Freelance Photography Services

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Finding a freelance photographer can be challenging. Here are services and their descriptions to help you describe what you are looking for. I also want to provide some insight of what is entailed behind the scenes so you know you are getting what you pay for.

Real Estate Photography

Are you trying to sell a house or rent out an apartment? Professional photographers provide return on investment, ROI, that sells your home quickly or keeps your house or apartment complex rented. I have been taking real estate photos for 5 years now for apartment complexes, even the not so pretty ones. Showing all the right angles, HDR photography, and highlighting key features are important to show your real estate is worth investing in.

Picture of a furnished bedroom and sunlit window
HDR real estate photography

Another great service I offer is high-definition photospheres. Using a sophisticated camera gimbal, I can capture DSLR camera quality images of your space. I also create interactive tours that are sure to impress your prospective buyers who enjoy pixel snooping.

Portrait Photography

Landed a great job, but your headshot isn’t exactly showing you put your best foot forward? Consider getting a headshot done. Headshots, particularly for sales or public relations-based jobs, can instill trust. A photo is worth a thousand words and can mean many more thousands in sales. Get scheduled today.

Woman with a smile
Professional headshots for professionals

35MM Photography

35MM film has qualities you can’t capture in a digital camera, particularly if you are shooting on expired film or used chemicals. What I enjoy about analog film is the work that goes behind the final product. You can’t just plug the camera in and make edits in Adobe Lightroom. You need to put thought behind framing, finish the roll, develop, scan, and finally print your images. The anticipation of seeing the final images makes all of the effort worthwhile.

A river with thick vegetation and an industrial flour mill glowing in the sunset
35MM photos are full of character and charm

Where am I Located?

Currently, I have home offices in Kent, Ohio and Murrysville, Pennsylvania. I am willing to travel to either location at no charge. If you have a location more than a hour away outside of these locations, I have very affordable mileage rates and enjoy the journey.

What’s my Availability Like?

I do work a 9 to 5 job Monday through Friday at the moment. I am free anytime after 5 PM and, depending on the scale of the project, can be on location earlier to help you with your photography needs. Weekends are typically wide open as well. Let’s get talking and make a schedule that works for you.

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