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Explore this curated collection of videos, each meticulously written, filmed, and edited by me for my current employer. My passion lies in crafting distinctive and captivating content that not only captures the attention of diverse audiences but also elevates the brands I collaborate with.

Adobe After Effects Channel Introduction

This is a short animation created in Adobe After Effects. It was as much of a challenge as it was fun to create!

Adobe Premier Pro

Part of demand generation is making something boring, like mileage tracking, engaging and educational. Injecting some fun goes a long way. I'm incredibly proud of how this short video turned out, especially since it was put together in less than 8 hours. 

Adobe Premier Pro

Here's another video promoting one of the brands I collaborate with. Part of my strategy for this brand is to make content that beats out currently ranking content. The great thing about this content is that in 5 or so minutes, it was converted to four Instagram Reels / TikTok so the brand's isn't restricted to one video format.

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